Asters presents an exhibition of exclusive posters within ArtAsters art project

On 19 June 2013 Asters Law Firm jointly with the American-Ukrainian Business Council held a traditional summer reception within the ArtAsters project presenting this time an exclusive posters exhibition Wind from the Ukraine from private collections, most of which created by artist Valery Viter.

A unique exhibition of posters of the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries gives a chance to be introduced to various schools of Soviet and Ukrainian poster art. Soviet posters created during 1940s-1960s reflects a significant impact of the dominating ideology at that time. Strong impression is made by the posters reflecting tragic pages of the Ukrainian history: Hunger (Holodomor) of 1932-33, Babyn Yar, Chornobyl...

At the opening ceremony in his greeting comments Asters' Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan expressed his admiration by the presented works noting: 'The poster art is a unique genre of painting. Its uniqueness is in the fact that on a small piece of paper the author skillfully conveys the idea to the viewer through a series of covert and unconcealed signs. A feature of Valeriy Viter's creativity is a rare use of the best examples of Ukrainian folk art in the poster art".

In his greeting President of the US-Ukrainian Business Council Morgan Williams said that he is strongly impressed by Valeriy Viter's talent and that he possesses many of his poster-works, in particular on political themes, in his private collection. He added that such artists in true meaning of this word as Valeriy Viter deserve broader recognition and the ArtAsters exhibition is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Valeriy Viter, an artist, singer and musician, expressed his deep gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to present his work to the legal and business communities. He is proud that the exposition in ArtAsters includes his works, many of which got various awards at international contests in Ukraine and abroad.

A special touch at the opening of The Wind from Ukraine was a concert by Valeriy Viter and his fellow musicians from the vocal music group Kobza Original, which in 1970s – 1990s was without exaggeration, an ambassador of Ukraine's music culture, touring round-the-globe with the brilliant repertoire of Ukrainian folk and pop songs. Notably, Valeriy Viter was and remains (as evidenced by his a-cappella performance at ArtAsters reception) the primary soloist of the group.

The event was traditionally, held in Asters' offices and gathered over a hundred guests, including top managers, diplomats, representatives of the authorities and culture.

ArtAsters – a 2009-founded charity project aiming at promoting the contemporary Ukrainian art and providing additional opportunities to artists exhibiting their works in the spectacular and spacious Asters' office where the firm's employees, clients and guests can enjoy the review. The Wind from Ukraine poster exhibition is a joint project of the American-Ukrainian Business Council and Asters.

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