November 2012

Increased Sanctions for Violations of Rules on Employment of Disabled Persons

On 20 November 2012 Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding Employment of the Disabled Persons" (the "Amendments").

In particular, the Amendments provide for:

  • obligation of employers to create jobs for disabled persons;
  • obligation for employer of a person that became disabled during its employment there to provide him/her with a job (including reasonable adaptation of the existing or establishment of a new workplace) considering his/her professional skills and individual rehabilitation program.

The Amendments specify that disabled persons may be involved in paid public works upon their consent.

The Amendments amend Article 188-1 of the Administrative Infractions Code, providing for a fivefold increase of penalties (amounting to UAH 850-1,700) for employer's:

  • failure to comply with quotas for employment of disabled persons;
  • failure to register or late registration with the Fund on Social Protection of Disabled Persons;
  • failure to submit or late submission of reports on employment of disabled persons.

If signed by the President, the Amendments will become effective upon their publication.

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