July 2013

Amendments to Requirements on Outdoor Advertising of Pharmaceuticals

On 3 July 2013, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health issued Order No. 572 (the "Order") under which the Licensing Terms on Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Trade of Pharmaceuticals were amended.

The Order excluded the Licensing Terms provision regarding prohibition to use information on the level (or other indication) of prices and the pharmacy's social orientation on the signboards and outdoor advertisements.

The unlawfulness of the above provision was confirmed by the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine as of 18 June 2013 in case No. K/800/19905/13.

According to the court decision, the Law of Ukraine "On Licensing of Certain Types of Business Activities" does not allow to determine special requirements on the signboards and outdoor advertising in the licensing terms.

Therefore, the pharmacies are entitled to place information on the prices and their social orientation on the signboards and outdoor advertisements.

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