July 2013

New in Proposed Law Amendments

Draft Law 2610a suggests introducing amendments to Article 267 "Implications of the Expiry of Statute of Limitation" of the Civil Code of Ukraine. Particularly, if passed, it will allow only individuals to re-establish the limitation period. The violated right will, therefore, be subject to defence in exceptional cases if the court finds that the reasons for bringing the lawsuit after the limitation period expired are valid. Pursuant to the draft law, such reasons/circumstances will have to be related to the personality of the claimant (serious disease, helpless state, etc.).

Draft Law "On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine on Provision of Information Regarding State Registration of Rights and Encumbrances from the State Registry of Title to Immovable Property" suggests cancellation of the current limitation for notaries, who may provide extracts from the mentioned registries only when executing notarial acts. If passed, the notaries will be able to provide such extracts regardless of any notarial actions.

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