June 2013

Administration of Official List of Recruitment Agents

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its Resolution No. 400 of 5 June 2013 has approved the Procedure for Creation and Administration of the List of Economic Entities that Provide Recruitment Agency Services and Economic Entities that Recruit Employees Who Further Perform Work in Ukraine for Other Employers (the "Procedure"). The Procedure took force on 13 June 2013.

Under the Procedure, economic entities that provide recruitment agency services or that recruit employees who further perform work in Ukraine for other employers (the "Agent(s)"), must send a relevant application to the State Employment Service by registered mail so as to be included in the list of Agents. The form of the application is yet to be approved by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The State Employment Service adds information on an Agent to the list of Agents and posts such information on its website within five business days after receiving the application.

Should the State Employment Service receive information on liquidation of an Agent or on cancellation of its relevant permit or license, it is empowered to remove the Agent from the list.

For further information please contact
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