April 2013

Workplace Safety Training Financed by the Workplace Accidents Insurance Fund

The Regulation of the Board of the Social Security Fund for Workplace Accidents and Occupational Diseases (the "Fund") enacting the Procedure for Participation and Financing of Workplace Safety Training by the Fund (the "Procedure") became effective on 26 April 2013.

The Procedure replaces the previous procedure for financing of such trainings, enacted by the Fund's Regulation of 1 November 2001 No. 40.

The Procedure provides for the mechanism through which the Fund finances training of labour safety personnel employed by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and certain self-employed persons (the "Employers").

Under the Procedure, in order to seek training at the Fund's expense, Employers or trade unions, as authorized representatives of the insured persons, have to file the following documents with a relevant local department of the Executive Board of the Fund in Crimea, regions, the City of Kyiv or Sevastopol:

  • a letter signed by the chief executive of the Employer or trade union, stating the number of labour safety specialists in need of training for the following year. The letter has to be filed by 15 September of the preceding year;
  • a copy of a document evidencing appointment of the specialist that needs training or a document confirming that such a specialist performs duties related to labour safety. This document should be filed when a training group is formed.

Based on the submitted information, local departments of the Executive Board of the Fund determine the number of persons needing training within the upcoming year and submit their proposals to the Fund's Executive Board by 1 October. The latter, in its turn, comes up with a proposal as to the needed volume of financing to be approved by the Board of the Fund.

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