February 2013

Changes Coming to Personal Data Protection Institutions

On 12 February 2013 a draft law "On Amendments to the Laws on Improvement of the Institutional System for Personal Data Protection" (the "Draft") was submitted to the Ukrainian Parliament by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Draft provides for the liquidation of the State Service on Personal Data Protection and transfer of all of its key functions to the Ukrainian Parliament's Human Rights Commissioner (the "Ombudsman"). Registration of the personal databases will be performed by the State Registration Service and supervised by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Currently, the Ombudsman already has the power to exercises parliamentary control over the observance of human rights to personal data protection, however, if adopted, the Draft will extend the Ombudsman's powers, including those related to inspections, settlement of the relevant claims, etc.

The Draft also extends the list of administrative offences in this field and increases the penalties.

Since the Draft was put forward by the Cabinet of Ministers the chances are rather good that it will be adopted by the Parliament.

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