January 2013

Ukrainian Version of International Patent Classification

Subject to notification from the World Intellectual Property Organization on effectiveness of new version of the International Patent Classification (the "IPC"), the Ukrainian version of the IPC 2013.01 came into effect on 1 January 2013.

Under the Order No.1030-H dated 26 December 2012 issued by the State Intellectual Property Service the IPC's Ukrainian version is to be used within the state system of intellectual property protection.

Ukraine adhered to the Strasbourg Agreement on the International Patent Classification of 1971. The parties to this Agreement have developed a special union and adopted a common classification of inventions patents, author's certificates, utility models and utility certificates.

The adoption of the IPC's new version would allow Ukrainian users to effectively conduct international search of patent documents to establish novelty and patentability.

Ukrainian version of the IPC would be available on the official web-site of the State Intellectual Property Service.

For further information please contact partner Oleksandr Padalka
and associate Borys Snizhko

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