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22 April 2008

Asters Sponsors Meeting With US Ambassador to Ukraine

On 21 April 2008 Asters sponsored the General Membership Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine with the U.S. Ambassador William B. Taylor and the Consul General of the US Embassy Landon Taylor. In his greeting speech Asters’ Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan noted the great significance of the US-Ukraine relations and expressed his hope for their continuing growth and strengthening. He also praised Ambassador Taylor’s effort to often speak before Ukrainian and foreign business and professional communities at various forums, including those of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Referring to recent organizational changers at Asters which has further westernized its business and management in line with the international models used in particular by large US law firms, Mr. Khachaturyan assured that the firm will continue its leadership in the Ukrainian market of legal services with its highest quality standards and devotion to clients’ needs. He also noted that Asters has contributed to the development of the US-Ukraine relations by its exemplary service in the projects involving the US and Ukrainian businesses and its active membership in legal and business organizations establishing and developing international investment links with Ukraine, such as American Chamber of Commerce, US-Ukraine Business Council, European Business Association, and World Service Group.

Attendees of the meeting enjoyed very informative and substantive presentation of Ambassador Taylor who spoke about the recent Ukrainian visit of U.S. President George Bush, various aspects of the US-Ukraine relations, and many issues of global economy and politics. Special attention was given to consequences of Ukraine’s accession to the WTO, possibilities of its NATO membership, relations with Russia, energy security, etc. Mr. Landon Taylor, the Consul General of the US Embassy, discussed in his speech U.S. governmental economic and exchange programs for Ukraine, U.S. visa issues and ex-pat voting procedure for the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections.

In the end of the event all participants had a chance to informally socialize at a networking fourchette sponsored by Asters.

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