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Аrt Аsters Presents New Photo Exposition by Yuriy Kosin

Asters announces the opening of a photo exposition by a well-known Kyiv photographer Yuriy Kosin, hosted within the framework of Art Asters artistic project. The presentation of the new exposition took place in the corporate art gallery on 17 November 2011.  The display presents 30 photographic works created in 1997-2008.  The works are made using a special technique called "transgression", originating from the Latin word transgressio – transition and from the French transgression – terminus (limit). The term is used in genetics, geology, and in philosophy.

The critics call Yuriy Kosin "a photographer by vocation and not by occupation", "a man with a camera" capable of catching subtle moments of life through the lens of his camera. Yuriy was born in the village of Kompaniivka, Kirovohrad region, on 26 September 1948. For many years, the photographer was not publishing his photographs, collecting them in special photo albums, and it was not until twenty-five years later when he published his first photograph.

The photographer's works were displayed at over 30 collective international exhibitions. Besides, Kosin boasts over 30 personal expositions displayed in the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Russia, and Israel.

On top of personal photography, Yuriy arranges for the expositions of other Ukrainian photographers and is a custodian of the Ukrainian Independent Academy of Photographic Arts, outside of his lecturing activities. A lot of his works can be found in private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, USA, UK, Russia, and Ukraine.

The solemn event was opened by Asters senior partner Armen Khachaturyan, first introducing the author of the artistic photographs to the guests, with special attention to the technique used by the photographer in creating each photographic work.

"Once again we are happy to welcome you at the opening of a new exposition held within the Art Asters artistic project. This time we are presenting for your judgment some works by a well-known Ukrainian photographer Yuriy Kosin. Each of them has an original meaning, creating visual metamorphoses and eccentric images. As Yuriy says, a photograph is not just a moment of life, captured  by camera, or just an image or an ornament, but rather a story compelling the viewer to follow it, solve the mystery of a particular photograph created by the artist", commented Mr. Khachaturyan.

The new exposition of selected works by Yuriy Kosin displayed within the Art Asters artistic project has proved to be a worthy continuation of the Asters long-run charity program carried on for the support and popularization of Ukrainian modern art.

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