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Art Asters

Art Asters is a non-profit project, launched in 2009 in order to benefit Ukrainian artists and create additional opportunities for them to display their work. As part of this project we provide artists with an opportunity to display their work in a gallery-like space in our office where our lawyers, clients, and other visitors can admire artistic works. We also sponsor regular wider events inviting interested public to our gallery to celebrate the work of the artists cooperating with Art Asters.

Asters Goes On with New Art Asters Exhibit On 19 February 2010 Asters held a reception to present the art exhibition L&M by Ukrainian artist Alexey Malykh.
Asters presented the art project "Art Asters" to the legal community On July 21 2009, Asters presented to the legal community the art project "Art Asters" dedicated to supporting, showcasing and popularizing Ukrainian art. Presentation of the project took place at the firm's office with the assistance of art producer Andrey Levchenko


7 April 2017

Asters scores big win in alleged price-fixing case (Eng)

4 April 2017

Ukrainian Energy industry review (Ukr)

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