“The team’s prominence in all types of banking mandates is unquestionable.”
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Constantin Solyar, Partner Constantin Solyar, Partner What is your story in Asters and what inspires your professional development?
When I was a 4th year law student I set my eyes on the firm's scholarship contest booklet with very practical and innovative tasks that differed from those I had dealt with within the other contests. I still remember the assignments. ...
Roman Kostenko, Partner Roman Kostenko, Partner What advice can you give to those fresh from college lawyers who would like to pursue a legal career?
With Asters since 2003 If you really love what you do, than at some point of time you start reaching success, and when it comes, than you get adequately compensated for what you do better than others. ...
Marcin Wierzbicki Marcin Wierzbicki What impressions did the internship leave with you?
Student at the Yagellon University (Krakow, Poland) Internship with Asters in March-April 2009 Asters is an up-to-date firm that upholds international standards. Professionalism can be perceived in everything, from correspondence with the personnel department, a welcome at the reception, to a later friendly discussion with an optimistically-minded partner! ...

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