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Joining Asters

If you want to join Asters, here are the main stages that will bring you to our team. This procedure may take from just a few days to several weeks.


The application process at Asters begins when you submit a resume to the company recruiter. You can submit your CV online through our website here. If your credentials appear to meet our criteria, our HR specialist will contact you within a few days and send an employment questionnaire to get a better understanding of your skills and expectations.


You will next meet the HR Manager for an informal conversation intended to allow you to present yourself to the best of your ability and ask any questions. You will also be invited for an English proficiency interview and professional test to check your research and analytical skills.

Then we summarize the results of the selection process. If you are identified as a candidate meeting Asters' requirements and Asters meets your expectations, we will now organize a meeting with a partner. You will get more information about the structure of the firm and the nature of work, and be able to ask questions that are of interest during the meeting.

Good luck in your application process!

Employee Stories

Constantin Solyar, Partner
Constantin Solyar, Partner

What is your story in Asters and what inspires your professional development?

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions about employment or other HR related inquires you are always welcome to contact our HR team by email hr@asterslaw.com